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Participating in traditional muzzleloading gives us the opportunity to ‘connect with the past’, to understand how our ancestors met their basic needs of living, the limitations within which they operated, the burdens they endured, and the handicaps they overcame in leading rich, productive lives that resulted in the world in which we live today.

At one end of the spectrum of traditional muzzleloading, it is simply going out to an area shooting match, to share a good time with friends. At the other end, serious time and effort, and perhaps some money, can result in immersing ourselves so much in the past that we seem to virtually step out of a picture from the history books, except now we are living, breathing history. Those of us fortunate enough to see Colonial Williamsburg can experience a good example of ‘living history’. On a more modest scale, area rendezvous’ enable us to participate personally in this same activity.

Most importantly, traditional muzzleloading is FUN. So, if you want to have a good time, come out to one of our rendezvous, and for a short time throw away your modern ’conveniences’ - well except for a few like toilet paper, and have fun ‘like the old timers did’!