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Traditional Muzzleloading

Welcome. This site is for people who are interested in the world of ‘side lock’ muzzle loading guns fitted with open sights, using black powder, and shooting round balls, or maybe shot if you have a smooth bore.  Everyone is welcome, but the less you know about muzzleloaders, the more welcome you are, so browse away.

In Defense of Blowing Down The Barrel


What do the National Muzzleloading Rifle Association, Senator Dianne Feinstein, and New York’s Mayor Bloomberg all agree on??


They all know what’s good for you, better than you do yourself!

Traditional Muzzleloading

In it’s broadest sense, traditional muzzleloading is the preservation of the way of life and traditions of past generations and their sharing in the present day with like-minded people. It is a means to an end, whether it involves hunting game animals, experiencing ‘living history’, or just having fun. Traditional muzzleloading may involve practicing the use of tools similar to the ones of the past, such as guns, or fire starters like flint and steel, extending to experiencing the full ‘flavor’ of their lives as ‘living history’, wearing traditional clothes and living much as our ancestors did at extended camping trips, called rendezvous’. Everyone, of whatever age, race, or sex, can participate.

If you value the sacrifices of our past generations and wish to commemorate the best of their achievements, come out to a local muzzleloading club or a rendezvous in your area. You may find yourself being bitten by the bug and become a part of Traditional Muzzleloading.

Blowing Down the Barrel

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